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Classified: What Women Really Want (Code Cracked for the Good Men who Struggle with Dating)


Do you struggle with dating, although you’re a good, smart, and self-sufficient man?

Do you bend over backwards for women but they still friendzone you?

Wouldn’t you love to not be the one always chasing women just to end up empty-handed?

Do you imagine men who are successful with women have some special talent that nobody else can get?

They don’t. There’s no special talent. They just understand how women function and act accordingly. There are no big secrets that only a special kind of man can attain.  Just some psychology that’s easy to understand and simple to implement. You just need a bit of practice.

But once you got it, it’s like learning to ride a bike. You fall down a couple of times when you get on it, but by the end of the day you’re pedaling away happy, wondering why you haven’t done that sooner .

As long as you got the balance right, the rest is a piece of cake. You don’t need made up lines, pick-up artist techniques, and special talents.

You just need to understand how women think and feel and that’s exactly what this book does. It answers the age-old question: what do women really want?

You’ll receive  25 lessons (spread over 111 pages) that describe in detail the feminine psyche, with clear life examples.


The book will help you:

Find out what qualities women desire in a man (you’ll see you have more than you imagine, you’re just not using them right).

Understand how you’re driving women away without even realizing it (and how to stop self-sabotaging)

Dive deep into women’s psyche to understand what makes them tick and how you can be the one doing the ticking.

Discover what kind of men women prefer: is it the alpha, beta, or just your run of the mill jerk?

Know if a woman has a secret crush on you but is too shy to tell you (maybe even the one you like).

What male body type are women most attracted to? You’ll see it’s easier to get than you think.

Acquire a no BS perspective towards women’s most intimate desires and a straight path to giving them what they want so you can get what you want.

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Classified: What Women Really Want (Code Cracked for the Good Men who Struggle with Dating)

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